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I don’t think it’s applicable when it comes to tragedy and trauma and loss of life.”To coincide with Wednesday’s anniversary, Goldman will launch a 10-week podcast, “Confronting: O. Simpson,” during which she’ll interview her brother’s old friends, the police detective who investigated the killings, attorneys for the defense and prosecution, and two of the 12 jurors who acquitted Simpson.Throughout, she’ll continue to make the case that Simpson was guilty.If ever there was a woman whose life has been viewed through the prism of a marriage, it's Nicole Brown Simpson.Even those who knew her best and saw her often when she was alive only had so much time with her before her world became O.The rest of the world, they’re always revisiting this.Twenty years later, 25 years later, and I’m just living my life.

He was her hero and protector, the guy who pulled a terrified teenager from a devastating car wreck 34 years ago and rode to the hospital in the ambulance with her. Simpson was acquitted of stabbing to death Ron Goldman and Simpson’s ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, in one of Los Angeles’ most exclusive neighborhoods on June 12, 1994, Kim Goldman was devastated.She was born in Frankfurt, Germany, where her Kansas-bred father, Lou Brown, was serving in the Air Force and had met his wife Juditha Baur. would wonder out loud when she was going to come back."Nicole and O. , frequently hosting parties, including annual Easter dinners and Fourth of July bashes where everyone's kids swam and ate and had a blast.The young family of four, including Nicole's older sister, Denise Brown, moved back to the United States when the girls were toddlers and settled in the Orange County city of Garden Grove, Calif. They remained very close to Nicole's parents and they and her sisters were usually at all the family-friendly parties, too. Simpson had also hired a first cousin of Nicole's, Rolf Baur, as the gardener of his estate, and then appointed him manager of two Pioneer Chicken locations he owned.Lou and Juditha had two more daughters, Dominique and Tanya. "The two of them were madly in love and had this obvious chemistry that you could feel when you were in the same room with them..absolutely could not keep their hands off each other. According to the , Nicole's father, Lou Brown, ran the Hertz rental car outpost that Simpson owned at the Ritz-Carlton in Laguna Niguel, and O. Rolf's wife, Maria, worked as a housekeeper at Rockingham three times a week. and Nicole's marriage and the almost seven years that they lived together beforehand was that it was explosive, that they looked blissfully happy at times but would also have intense fights.When the older girls were in high school, the family moved to Monarch Beach in the coastal city of Dana Point. was a groomsman when Kris married Robert Kardashian on July 8 that year and was one of the first visitors at the hospital when they welcomed daughter Kourtney Kardashian the following April. But at the same time, all of her friends were his friends, and he kept everybody close, ensuring that Nicole hardly opened up to anyone about what was really going on behind closed doors."The truth is, no one really knew her during her marriage," a friend who said she had known Nicole since their early 20s told the after she was killed. She wasn't available for that kind of intimacy." Nicole also was prone to abruptly canceling plans or not showing up when both she and O. were expected somewhere, the friend added, recalling that O. would regularly claim that his wife was in bed with menstrual cramps."She was the type of person who would not say to me what her problems were," added Maria Baur, who told the In 1988, Nicole turned up driving a new Ferrari, which she would say was O. Seemingly everyone they knew socially was well aware of the volatility.

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