Ruined castle dating 1215

SIZERGH CASTLE is the gateway to the Lake District. As a garrison until recently, the medieval castle rests on a Roman fort.

Set in a 1600 acre estate this imposing fortification has outstanding interiors and fine furniture. As we travel east, HADRIAN’S WALL dominates the scenery.

Owned by the same family for over 900 years, the main keep is spectacular and gives us a real picture of medieval life.

In 1215, the castle was held by rebel barons and King John seiged the castle, destroying one side by tunnelling beneath it. BODIAM CASTLE is perhaps, the best example of a moated medieval fortified manor.It was the location of the Lords of the Marchers - where control of the borders with Wales was administered and where Henry VIII’s older brother died. Set just inside Wales, POWIS CASTLE rests high on a rock above the terraces of the castle’s world famous gardens.STOKESAY CASTLE is another border castle and is regarded as the best preserved fortified manor house in England. Built around 1200, it was the home of the Princes of Wales and much later, Clive of India. There are many castles in this region, reflecting the turbulent past and conflict between England and Wales.It is truly spectacular with unrivalled sequence of State Rooms.How many castles did the Normans build in England in the years following the conquest of England in 1066?

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The word castle means a “fortified place” and it was first used to just before the Norman conquest of England in the C11th.

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