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So, if the movie Gods are listening, get these people together with Tom Felton's Malfoy as the protagonist. But almost a decade after the “Harry Potter” franchise somewhat ended, dating rumors of Emma Watson and Tom Felton just won’t die down.

As for who has the worst crush on her – me or Radcliffe – I’d rather not say.” "We've known each other for 10 years so it was a bit like kissing my sister," he said.

Emma and Tom have been hanging out more and more lately and it looks like they even took a small vacay together to South Africa.

Tom just posted a new photo on his Instagram that features him teaching Emma how to play a guitar.

The two of them hung out again and Tom even took a photo of Emma as a cute little reminder of their reunion.

Emma posted the new photo on her Instagram with the caption, "friends capture you best," probably making sure that people know they're just friends.. We’re reuniting all the time we just don’t always post it on Instagram.""She was in my neighborhood and I hadn’t seen her for a few months.

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