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Russia is upgrading its nuclear-capable missiles, bombers and submarines.

China is rapidly expanding the size and capability of its far smaller nuclear forces, as are Britain and France.

Then, more legislation arrives, usually in the guise of ‘national security.’ Of course, a bogey man is required to blame and as the governments own track record on curtailing home grown terrorists is not so good, we’ve gone back to that good old reliable foe from the Cold War, you know, that country that has not once attacked Britain – Red Russia.Discussions are underway in ruling circles in Germany, Japan and even Australia on acquiring nuclear weapons so they can resist the nuclear-armed states.The madness of a nuclear arms race in the 21st century arises inexorably from the contradictions of the capitalist system.The premise of the special report is that urgent action must be taken by the United States to stem the decline of its hegemony.It asserts that if the Chinese and Russian ruling classes are permitted to realise their ambition of dominant influence in their own regions, the “plausible” consequence will be a “devastating clash between the world’s great powers”—a world war fought with nuclear weapons.

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