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With: Adam Saunders as Heath, Kate Bell as Bec, Lochie Daddo as Andrew, Tania Yuki as Akiko, Hudson Thomas as Dan; Surfers: Paige Houden, Lyndsay Noyes, Holly Matthewson, Ashley Cheadle, Jaymes Triglone, Dane Pitman, Daniel Asmus, Oliver Minter, Nicholas Degotardi Aus: July 05, 2006 Written by John Armstrong Directed by Ralph Strasser Amy decides a boat trip to an island is just the thing for the new contenders to get to know each other.

The day turns on its head though when Mike's attempt to create a surprise for Brooke almost leads to disaster.

Aus: September 27, 2006 Written by Ellie Beaumont Directed by Marcus Cole Eric and Amy's relationship is on the rocks.

Amy feels Eric is taking her for granted and suggests their relationship should be more casual.

But disaster strikes when he loses his expensive new board and can't seem to make headway with Amy.

With: Liz Burch as Jilly, Anh Do as Photographer, Terry Serio as Surf Shop Owner, Dane Sheddon as Surf Shop Salesman; Surfers: Jaymes Triglone, Lyndsay Noyes Aus: August 23, 2006 Written by Noel Price Directed by Ralph Strasser At school an announcement is made that year 10 will hold a beauty contest to raise money for new gym equipment.

But the accidental discovery of a blog site reveals there's more to it than they could ever have anticipated.

Fly is concerned Heath is taking his new job too seriously.

Whatever the outcome, the group will all have grown as individuals and learned lessons about themselves that will leave them well prepared for the years ahead.

With: Liz Burch as Jilly, Sharney Mullally as Nell, Vanessa Steele as Surf Judge; Surfers: Lyndsay Noyes, Ashley Cheadle, Holly Matthreson, Ben Hamilton Aus: September 20, 2006 Written by Kristen Dunphy Directed by Chris Martin-Jones There is trouble on Blue Water Beach when a group of local boys continually taunt the Solar Blue team whilst training.

The leader of the group, Troy, wants Solar Blue off the beach.

One thing is for certain: nobody will ever forget their time at Blue Water High.

Eric and Mike face off for the last spot at Solar Blue.

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With: Adam Saunders as Heath, Phillip Dixon as Dillon, Guy Brown as Sam, Kyro Herbert as Larry, Rebecca Breads as Tina, Georgie Hall as Michelle; Surfers: Paige Houden, Lyndsay Noyes, Holly Matthewson, Dane Pitman, Daniel Asmus, James Johnson Aus: July 19, 2006 Written by Noel Price Directed by Chris Martin-Jones Rachel and Corey's different approaches to life (science vs nature) clash head on.

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