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In a nice twist of fate, Hitt has also been linked to Alexa Chung, proving once and for all that Hollywood is just as incestuous as normal friendship groups. READ MORE: Is Jennifer Lawrence Set To End Things With Darren Aronofsky?

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Tweet Infamous and desperate suspected man-girl Kevin ‘Kemo’ Lactose has reached new lows on his quest to play ‘hide the sausage’ with yet more SIF’s and STI infected 15 year olds with internet access.

Also the weather can change depending on extreme emotions. // Faceclaim= Sophia Vassilieva // Other = Part of the original Night coven. Extended to include Eva [Aka: They can sense one another's emotions]. 16 // Face claim = Bill Kaulitz // Other = Married to Eva. 25 // Face claim = Gaspard Ulliel // Other = Dating Sydney. Illisa Dominque Bailey: Age = 18 - 25 // Species = vampire // Ability = Shape-shifter. 12 // Face claim = Jessica Origliasso // Other = Odette's twin sister. If he touches someone, they are then able to move, too. He can only keep timed stoped as long as he has energy. Sam (Samantha) Isabella Diana Roszak: Age = 16 - 17 // Species = vampire // Ability = Telepathy and Intangibility. As she gets a little more control, she'll be able to alter the pitch. 1st // Face claim = Gemma Ellis // Other = Self-proclaimed daughter to Tobi and Sydney Jaycob Ethan Prinze: Age = 16 - 16 // Species = vampire // Ability = None. 17th // Face claim = Alex Evans // Other = Brother to Arella. // Face claim = Avril Lavigne // Other = Twin sister to Sienna. Sienna Simons: Age = 17 – 51 // Species = vampire // Ability = She has a telepathic link with her sister, and she is also a mind reader. // Species = vampire // Ability = He had enhanced features, he can eat food, and he can control sound/vibrations. // Face Claim = Alex Pettyfer // Other = Dating Shya.

Odette Emmanuel Bailey: Age = 18 - 25 // Species = vampire // Ability = Shape-shifter. 12 // Face claim = Lisa Origliasso // Other = Illisa's twin sister.--Dahlia-ailha D (Dahlia) --- Megaera Elise Gallegos: Age = 20 – 472 // Species = vampire // Ability = She can temporarily cause a person to go insane for up to an hour // Birthday = Feb. Sophie-Lynn Ashtelon: Age = 21 - 36 // Species = vampire. She is like a mirror and rebounds abilities back upon the vampire trying to use them on her. // Other = none.--Divi-chan (Divi or Senpai) --- Eva (Evalynn) Orion: Age = 16 – 123 // Species = vampire // Ability = Her ability is slightly like camouflage. Jamie Lynna Smythe: Age = 19-21 - 30 // Species = vampire // Ability = She can change her appearance to mimic another and alter her voice to sound like them but if she uses it for too long then the energy drains her and leaves her in a weakened state. 9th // Face claim = Valerie Poxleitner // Other = none.--Lighted Silk (LS) --- Beth (Elizabeth) Simons: Age = 17 – 51 // Species = vampire // Ability = She can draw amazingly, with such detail, then bring it to life (illusions). This mind connection with other people can lead to her controlling/manipulating/commanding items with her mind, alive or dead. // Face claim = Avril Lavigne // Other = Twin sister to Beth. Elmo (Emanuel) River Peters: Age = 17 - 174 // Species = vampire // Ability = He has the ability to turn himself into a colourless gas, or mist, rendering him invisible, which was like the way he was treated at home.

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  1. Only here we are, among the most well-educated, most successful women in America, wondering how our valid choice to be in the right relationship, to be in love before motherhood, has left us often single and childless as we near the end of our fertility.