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He was ordained a high priest and set apart as a high councilor in the Salt Lake Stake on .Then in April 1876 President Brigham Young called Angus and set him apart as stake president of the Salt Lake Stake.Meanwhile his father had died, and his sister Mary Alice and her husband Charles Lambert became guardians of the orphaned children.With the remnant of the Nauvoo Saints, Angus and his family took refuge across the Mississippi River in Iowa Territory. Immediately, Angus went inside and called the president of the Utah Traction Company and told him to make sure all trains stopped for him. [1] This incident, indicative of Angus Cannon’s aggressiveness and ability to command the respect of others, was related by his grandson, T. Quayle Cannon, Jr., another grandson, recalls his impressions of Angus. What impact did he have on nineteenth-century Utah? Cannon: Pioneer, President, Patriarch,” in Supporting Saints: Life Stories of Nineteenth-Century Mormons, ed. He has published several books, articles, and book reviews, including the Far West Record. Cannon, he has spent considerable time studying Angus’s papers and journals. Unknown to Angus, the trolley company had recently changed that route to an express line, so the train failed to stop. From then on the trolley did stop for Angus, wherever and whenever he flagged it down.[4] The Apostle John Taylor, who had married Leonora, sister of Angus’s father, converted and baptized the Cannons on 11 February 1840.

Getting reestablished, Angus worked at various jobs.

He remembers that Angus was fastidious in his dress, rather stern, and religious in manner. What does the life of this pioneer, president, and patriarch tell us about Utah and the Latter-day Saints?

In order to answer these questions a brief survey of his life will be presented, followed by an in-depth analysis of Angus as churchman, specifically as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Cannon, the second son and fourth child of George Cannon and Ann Quayle, was born in Liverpool, Lancashire, England, .

After what must have seemed an endless delay, they departed for the Great Basin in the spring of 1849, arriving in Salt Lake in October 1849.

Angus spent the next year farming and cutting wood, after which he went with George A. After helping to establish Parowan, Angus returned to Salt Lake in the spring of 1851.

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