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Following the devastating loss of Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies), Rick was seen 'speaking to' his late wife on the prison phone late in Even more pertinent, though, is a scene from the same season's 'Made to Suffer': during the prison group's attack on Woodbury, Rick thinks he sees Shane (Bernthal, returning for a surprise cameo) stalking towards him through the smoke and chaos...

'Shane' is shot dead by Rick and is revealed to in fact be an anonymous Woodbury soldier.

The late character's resurgence, then, seems certain to occur either via flashback or as a hallucination – the latter option in particular not boding well for the departing Rick.

Could he be haunted by visions of Shane after sustaining a fatal injury?

The series has also gone down this route before, with Tyreese (Chad Coleman) experiencing hallucinations of the deceased Governor (David Morrissey), Beth (Emily Kinney) and more as he suffered massive blood loss from a zombie bite.The two are almost certainly related, with the smart money on Bernthal's comeback episode also being Lincoln's last.But does Shane's reappearance confirm that a grim fate awaits Rick?A flashback is conceivable, but might be trickier to pull off convincingly, given the amount of time that's elapsed since Bernthal left .Notably, the show's most recent flashback, which featured a pre-apocalypse Rick and a prepubescent Carl, carefully shot Andrew Lincoln only from behind and cast a new actor – again, face unseen – to play his young son.

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