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Modesto Police Department report on the wiretap: "On January 26, 2003, at 1828 hours, Scott called home and talked with his mother. It was a photocopy, and it appeared that the original had been written in pencil.

Scott told his mother that Detective Grogan called him today and told him police were back searching again in the bay. It detailed that Scott believed that he would be exonerated for these charges, and that while he was in custody he would be using his position in custody to do the work of the Lord.

He ended the letter by stating words to the effect that children are miracles and gifts." Peterson told another former mistress from early in his marriage that he had no intention of having children "because they would get in the way of his lifestyle." From a police report of an interview with the woman, "Janet": "I asked [Janet] if her and Peterson talked about having a family.

[Janet] said her and Peterson had gone to a rodeo on one of their dates and there were kids present at the rodeo.

His mother tells him he should 'deny, deny, deny' and that she was told that years ago by an attorney.

His mother tells him his sister Susan (Caudillo) needs to get a yes or no answer from him. His mother said he must deny 'anything.'" Peterson told police that marina workers saw him returning from the bay and asked him about his fishing trip.

I approached Kirk and said good morning and shook hands with him and he reciprocated.

[Janet] said Peterson was very self-conscious about the size of his penis, and whether he could please a woman." A rape counselor told police that in mid-December a woman reported being sexually assaulted by satanists in a brown van who said they were going to kill someone on Christmas Day.Some of the primary themes depicted in the pornographic images were bestiality and bondage.The writings included essays entitled, "The Wife Confesses" and "Raping the Teacher." Investigators noted the Dell laptop computer that showed access by both Laci and Scott had no history of inquiries regarding pornography or Viagra." On the day Peterson's lawyers pledged to find the real killers, a prosecution investigator approached defense attorney Kirk Mc Allister and asked him for any information that would clear his client.Editor's Note: As part of's new Crime section, we are archiving some of the most interesting content from Court (Court TV) -- During Scott Peterson's 21-week trial, jurors heard from 184 witnesses and reviewed hundreds of exhibits. Some evidence was deemed irrelevant or prejudicial; lawyers determined other items didn't fit with their trial strategy.Here's a list of some of the evidence jurors didn't hear, based on Court TV sources and exclusive documents obtained by Court TV's Catherine Crier.

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