Sedating cats on flights

What’s an interesting finding from my research is that the Canadian airlines charge much lower fees for pet travel than the US airlines.

The Canadian airlines being West Jet, Porter Airlines and Air Canada.

Note that you have to pay a pet fee for every connection flight.

And they allow you to have maximum 2 pet carriers per customers but in this case, the customer must purchase the adjacent seat as well so that they can stow the pet carriers under the seat in front of both seats.Since the airlines have different methods, you can read about each one After filling out the forms and submitting, you are required to call the airline reservation (who can transfer you to the right department) that you filled out the forms at least 48 hours before you fly.What’s really annoying is that each airline has different dimensions of cat carrier that they allow as the maximum size.So, if you are stopped, you can show them the dimensions shown on their website as proof that your cat carrier meets the guideline.Note that most airlines only allow soft-sided kennels and do not allow hard-sided kennels at all.

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However, the destination may require documentation. So, check the state and province requirements of your destination by either asking your veterinary to research for you or going to the state’s animal importation rules.

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