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Vic is also on a deadline, his daughter Nicole (Natalie Morales) hoping he'll finally see her art at an exhibition on the same night all the action takes place.

Nanjiani brings a handful of laughs, mainly during a knowing if not very subtle montage that traverses the ails of Uber drivers.

He quickly ends the game --- he was planning to share the cookies with them anyway.

Mature dating may be a really nerve-racking process.

The Uber aspect is also an inviting update to this buddy cop jaunt from director Michael Dowse, best known for rom-com What If.

Nanjiani's Stu, a bullied sporting goods store worker who drives his electric Nissan between shifts -- "Stuber," his cruel and unfunny manager calls him -- is steamrolled into helping Vic Manning, Dave Bautista's temporarily blind take-no-prisoners LAPD detective, on a city-wide mission.

Paramount has not announced any changes around the promotion or release of the film following Yelchin’s unexpected death.

Watch Quinto pay tribute to Yelchin in the video above.

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