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He was so eminently successful that the follow- ing year he purchased twenty additional acres, and since that time he has added to his holdings until today he is Hie owner of forty acres of land in Missouri in addition to his tract of seventy-three acres in Kansas.

For a few years he acted as local representative and reporter for the Kama* City Times, of Kansas City.Location was made by the Drake family in the com- monwealth of Virginia, where the young Isaiah was reared to maturity.As a young man he became interested in the study of medicine and for a number of years was engaged in the practice of his profession in Vir- ginia.Subsequently he removed with his family to Kentucky, where he practiced with a great deal of success during the period of the Civil war.In 1868 he came with his family to Kansas and settled at old 524 HISTORY OF WYANDOTTE COUNTY Wyandotte, which is now Kansas City.

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He was summoned to the life eternal on the farm on which Joseph F. Drake became the parents of eight children — four boys and four girls, four of whom are living at the present time, in 1911. Drake received his preliminary educational training, his parents having settled in the Bluegrass state when he was a child of about ten years of age.

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