Setwindowtext mfc updating cdialog controls

// If the mouse is moved to the upper left-hand // corner, the tool tip would disappear because of // calling Cancel Tool Tips.

void CMy Edit:: On Mouse Move(UINT n Flags, CPoint point) Pointer to an alternate window relative to which it will be centered (other than the parent window).

For more information, see IAccessible::acc Hit Test in the Windows SDK.

Called by the framework to retrieve the specified object's current screen location.

Called by the framework to retrieve the child element or child object at a given point on the screen.

I assigned a variable (m_Dsm Path) using "Add Variable" and CString/Value.This function just calls the Win32 Bring Window To Top function.Call the Set Window Pos function to change a window's position in the Z-order. On input, this structure contains the client rectangle.Produces special effects when showing or hiding windows. For a full list of possible values, see Animate Window. This member function emulates the functionality of the function Animate Window, as described in the Windows SDK. The height of one row of icons if the function is successful; otherwise 0.This member function also arranges icons on the desktop window, which covers the entire screen.

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See Return Values in -derived class if you have nonwindowed user interface elements (other than windowless Active X controls, which MFC handles).

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