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Since the announcement the Chatbot market has grown exponentially with developers and user experimenting with celebrity Chatbots like the many Selena Gomez Chatbots and the Shakespeare Chatbots, flirty ones like the Evie Chatbot and other girlfriend Chatbots, as well as the various attempts for adult, 18 and other sex Chatbots.

Undoubtedly, Chatbots have become a hot topic being widely discussed in newspapers and magazines around the world. Similar to basic Chatbots of today, she/it was programmed to match keywords with a dataset on a closed domain.

The future is expected to be shiny and nobody really knows what is going to happen. Already now, at the very beginning of simple Chatbots, developers give insights to their visions that the main street might not be ready yet.

Sam Mandel, CEO of the company behind the weather forecasting C(h)atbot dreams of a Chatbot that people use more than just for getting information on whether to take their umbrellas or sun blocker when leaving the house.

Nevertheless, suppose one day intelligence is somewhat defined and by that day the technological advancements have as well passed the current limitations and researcher are able give birth to bots that answer logically and be able to interact in an open domain.

And that might be the much greater limitation to developing a Chatbot with spirit.

This is not only what we think but also what Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Satya Nadella On the one hand, the App-Area has come to an end.

User are not willing to install a separate app for each service they need anymore nor to create a user account for each app again and again.

If the Chatbot is able to match one or more keywords with its dataset, the predefined response will show as output.

This basic form of Chatbots in turn can be altered and programmed to eventually arrive at more intelligent bots that may converse not only on closed domains but an open domain as well, meaning that the user may also give commends outside the actual context.

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The system was somewhat more intelligent than Eliza, yet restrictive because of its continuous confusion and default answers.

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