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Rumors from the '60s about a buried treasure from Sir Francis Drake gave the place its name, but no treasure was ever found. Park at the end of Cave Landing Road and look for the sign directing you to either the beach or the pirate cave.Go the cave route for the best views, but note that the trail is kind of sketchy so be cautious when navigating your course.Located north of downtown Santa Barbara, between Hope Beach and the UCSB campus, this small nude beach lies beneath the lovely SB bluffs.You'll see a gate with a private property notice; stay away from that, and follow the pedestrian access to the left, heading for the grove of eucalyptus trees to follow the path to nudity.

There are areas on the California coast that are void of nude beaches (all of Los Angeles County for example), but each region of the state has some.

Keep your bare-cheeked reveries to the north of the trail, as the south is heavily trafficked by families and non-nude puritans.

Non-nude attractions: Depending on what kind of party you’re after, you may want to start at Joe’s Café; open since 1928, this place serves up some seriously strong drinks.

Word to the wise: Avoid the ocean if you’re not a strong swimmer, as riptides abound when the tide goes out and there aren’t any lifeguards close to save your nakedness.

Also, make sure you don’t take a wrong turn and end up on Stinson Beach, as nudity there will land you in the pokey.

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On a hot sunny weekend, the nude end of the beach can get packed with hundreds of nudists enjoying the beautiful weather, so don’t expect much privacy; weekdays are the move if you want a bit more breathing room.

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