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The Ten Mile Waterhole Creek and Bridge Ranch local faunas compare well with Cl1 faunas in North America, while the Farish Ranch and Buckner Ranch local faunas compare well with early Cl2 faunas. The diverse horse fauna includes 12 species representing nine genera, all but one of which are hypsodont. Texas Vertebrate Paleontology Collections, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas, 78758, USA. Vertebrate fossils have been known from the Beeville area of the Texas coastal plain since at least the early 1930s. Weeks (1933) suggested that similar horses were known from the Clarendon and Goodnight horizons of north Texas.

The fauna includes the first occurrence, or at least very early occurrences, of cf. The composition of the fauna is consistent with the widespread Clarendonian Chronofauna and with a mixed woodland-grassland environment on a broad floodplain associated with low-gradient rivers. Weeks (1933) stated that vertebrate fossils had been collected from the “Upper Lagarto” beds along Medio Creek northeast of Beeville, Texas, including a “jaw bone” and tooth of a rhino “pertaining to the genus Teleoceras” based on identification by C. At that time, these were considered Pliocene in age.

The Austin Laboratory opened in June,1939 within the Bureau of Economic Geology building at 18th and Red River Streets.

In December of 1940, there were 50 workers at the Austin Laboratory.

All photos from the Survey are reproduced courtesy of the Texas Archeological Research Laboratory, the University of Texas at Austin, unless otherwise noted.The plan calls for officers to seize the marijuana and drop it off at a police station at the end of their shift, along with a record of the encounter in case the suspect does not take the class.”, the Communication Director of Houston NORML, this progressive change will ultimately protect Harris County’s citizens and coffers from senseless and costly police activity.“What we’re seeing is misdemeanor possession cases are no longer going to involve jail time, a criminal record, or an arrest.By the end of June 1939, there were 97 workers and seven supervisors employed in four field units and two laboratory units (Figure 1).Over its history, the project included 23 field units engaged in both paleontological and mineralogical investigations.

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