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There was, in consequence, steady damage to the local hawthorn hedges in Glasgow as the boys made their own sticks from the bent hedge saplings, as generations had before them.

These young college players, mostly from well-off Lowland families, probably also used these clubs for golf.

Murray’s Memoires of the Old College of Glasgow, mentions how the camain (clubs) were obtained.

“Every boy had to find his own shinty stick,” Murray says.

It is apparently an account of a match played in Glasgow at Machair Mòr an Righ (King’s Park) in 1830 at New Year.

By then, societies had been representing Highlanders’ interests in “Glaschu mòr nam bùth” (Big Glasgow of the shops) for over 150 years.

The following verse possibly relates to shinty in Glasgow.

The words “cùl na sràide” (the back of the street) certainly imply a city setting.

However, when the labour migration hit the heights of the nineteenth century, the scale of support mechanisms needed and offered by such societies exploded in similar fashion.

On March 7, 1780, the Gaelic Club of Gentlemen, a socially elite off-shoot of the Highland Society of Glasgow was established, based on a charter procured from the Highland Society of London which had been founded two years earlier.

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