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Is it the platform change or has the playing field just changed?

I know this is anecdotal but my recent online experience this gen with Destiny, Division, H5 and Battlefield has been golden I can't remember ever coming across someone as hateful towards another player, in fact its pretty hard to come across anyone in game chat and even my day with the BLOPS3 beta didn't produce any drama.

You still hear and see terrible shit in the chat for all sorts of games, and remembering the early days of 360 voice chat, I don't think this is new.

Some people find children's voices grating, and some people are worried that kids are likely to use the voice chat more immaturely (the irony of this is through the roof) or play worse.

I always wonder how/why parents let these little kids play online games anyway.

Last time i had gaming experience with kids online was them screaming the n-word over and over, i guess things are different these days?

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I don't think kids should even be playing online games of a certain kind until they're around thirteen anyway, and these potential confrontations are why.

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