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Actually, they do buy not with anyone that’s not a registered user.

This essentially makes the site absolutely useless to those that wish to completely protect their identity. If you drill into each individual review posts on The Erotic Review, you’ll notice that all the most important information is hidden to those that aren’t VIP members.

For those unfamiliar with this site and what it does, you’ll find that it’s a mega site which hosts a ton of reviews on female escorts, live chat services and more.

They have tons of discussion boards showcasing reviews on call girls, sites that cater to guys looking for streetwalkers and basically all things adult related.

If you turn on Theater Mode, it automatically makes you unavailable to talk with Walkie-Talkie.

I’ll be the first one to tell you that sites like The Erotic Review need to be avoided.

Don’t waste your time with escorts on The Erotic Review.

Instead, just join a site that has real local girls looking to connect with horny people that just want to bang. Join the Easy Sex network instead and you’ll get A LOT further, trust me on that!

Now, if you don’t have the money to pony up 0 for a VIP membership, this site has slickly offered anyone willing to provide their information and submit reviews the opportunity to upgrade to VIP status.

My problem with this is that you’re essentially admitting to doing something completely illegal e.g. That’s a huge no-no and one of the many reasons why I avoid all escorts.

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