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My dream is to retire there with a house & lot, car & bike , and friends and family.

Findmate is a dating site helping people find love all over the world.

So to all who give negative feedback.....don't go back......spend your free time warning other people like yourself!

As for me, I will be on a chair at the beach,feet in water- palm tree overhead, with an umbrella drink in my hand being entertained by my Filipino brothers and sisters. Like you I've traveled extensively actually around the world twice.

This is the place to retire if you have retirement income. for example, people here talking abotu having 3 aircons running all day. I am regulated by the PRC (professional regulation commission).

Not everyone needs that, and an aircon is a huge user of power, so the data can be significantly skewed. Locals don't want you there bc of rampant sex tourism, nightlife is going down the drain, girls are ugly and have adopted this fake western attitude. So many better places to choose compared to this dump. So, I am licensed to broker properties with developers and private owners anywhere in the Philippines.

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Depositing hefty amounts of money in Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Dominican Republic,and Bolivia to get high interest rates on my USD has made me a millionaire many times over,a fact.

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