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The first general-interest chat rooms I landed in consistently suffered from a "swarm" syndrome, where any chatter who chose the voluptuous, crop-top-wearing character Anna would dominate the comic panels.

Chatters would appear in the app's comic panels every time they were called out by name.

"I've changed the world today." This wasn't some constant sociopathic practice.

Thus, any Anna users would appear over and over thanks to namechecks—and compliments about how the default cartoon looked.

Something about this tickled me, a high school loner with a superiority complex.

Clicking around on that long ago June afternoon, I found myself drawn to IRC. Net Cruiser's IRC interface came up, with a layout similar to most graphical IRC clients—a participant list on the left, message window center, and a text entry field at the bottom.

I had no idea what "Internet Relay Chat" , but I assumed that I could talk to other people. Some were obvious (#sex seemed like it probably contained what it said on the tin), while some were inscrutable and lacked channel descriptions. I typed my first words into the channel, anticipating that I would soon be talking to dozens of new friends.

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However, thanks to a Net Cruiser account (handed out by Netcom to Babbage's employees like me so that we'd be more likely to recommend the service to net-hungry customers), I found myself eagerly confronting the Internet of mid-1995.

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