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My name is Gareth Leonard, a Marketing Director turned World Traveler with a passion for slow, meaningful travel.

Latin America is generally considered to comprise all of the politically independent territory of the Western Hemisphere outside of Canada and the United States, that was originally colonized by the Spaniards or Portuguese.

When discussing how Hispanic and Latino individuals are represented in television and film media, it is also important to acknowledge their vast under representation in popular programming.

Not only are these individuals often stereotyped on TV, but they are rarely even seen.

Latino Americans represent approximately 18% of the United States population, but only 0.6 to 6.5% of all primetime program characters, 1% of television families, and less than 4.5% of commercial actors.

This poses the issue that Hispanic and Latino characters are not only rarely seen, but when they are, they are more than likely to be stereotyped.

Women love men who are caring, thoughtful, funny, smart, strong, loyal, honest, spontaneous, classy, rugged and good lovers…

If a women out of your league seems overly interested calm down and evaluate your chances of being robbed.

Understand this has nothing to do with transportation. Treat your courtship with a woman like cooking a steak. I think it’s sexy if done with the right person and food selection (When eating ribs respect the space). Unlike American women, don’t expect Latin women to thank you for your chivalry, it’s expected. "Latino" is the umbrella term for people of Latin American descent that in recent years has supplanted the more imprecise and bureaucratic designation "Hispanic".Americans' perceptions of the characteristics of Latin American immigrants in particular are strongly linked to their beliefs about the impact of immigration, especially on unemployment, schools and crime.

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Gringo hunters are real and they can be very persuasive.

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