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We intend to give the ability to edit and search the Database in the future.In the meantime, we will be the only ones that will be able to view the information.I am shy at first, but will quickly warm up as I get to know you, and I can be kind of flirty I think.I am not the most observant, but always striving to learn and do more for God. Messianic Jewish guy who is funny, romantic, adventurous. I have panic disorder, which I take medicine for, but if I miss a dose I could have a panic attack, so would like someone who wont just ignore me and tell me I'm a burden.A Copy of Your Answers will be emailed to you to be able to help create or improve your Shidduch resume & To help you know what criteria are important to ask for when searching for a mate and which questions to ask references of potential mates to do your due diligence.Even if you do not fill-out the questionnaire – it can be printed to give you guidance in your search or to find out what you are willing to improve to obtain a better mate.

We Wish You Lot’s of Hatzlacha and Siyata D’Shemaya in finding a mate and/or peace in your life.I used to have an all female band when I was young. I would say that I am a woman who's a bit complicated and shy but I know how to really love and be faithful. I have deep respect towards G-d's word and I study them regularly. I hate fake people and people who doesn't know how to respect themselves and others. *love music, can play at least one musical instrument. It is best to consult a Reliable Orthodox Rabbi – to determine your exact status according to Halacha / Jewish Law. You can post your profile, use advanced search, send and receive messages absolutely free.

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