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Let's know more about the relationships of Shaun, his past affairs and dating history in this section.

Shaun is reportedly in an intimate relationship with his lovely girlfriend Sarah Barthel.

Here’s are some interesting things he revealed about their relationship as well as which famous Olympian White relates to most, and how he thrilled a chef with his order at a South Korean restaurant.

The Olympic athlete who White can relate to in a lot of ways is Michael Phelps.

Even though Shaun is 3 years younger than Sarah, the couple without any mishaps in their relationship are enjoying their lovely dates.

Shaun, who shares mouth widening moments from his stunts seldom shares his moment with Sarah on the social media.

It seems they are in no hurry to get married and are probably focused on building their career. The couple got into the limelight after they were seen kissing in a party at So Ho lounge Sway in 2012 Besides, the skateboarder was also once rumored to be in a relationship with Andrea H., However, the rumors eventually ended because of the lack of proper evidence.

It’s ridiculous.” He also talked about how even when doing those types of projects, his competitive nature can come out.

” because she herself knows what life is like being on the road. This is the goal at hand and we’re here, finally, it’s all happening.” Something White really enjoys when he’s not traveling and competing is doing yard work and all kinds of home-improvement projects.

They have been together for a while, live together, and co-parent their pup, Leroy, but when it comes to the topic of marriage, White said that isn’t in the cards for them now. “I’m the guy that will like, I’ll just be stoked to help you trim the bushes,” he said.

They came out, they started doing their yards like, “You’re not going to have the nicest yard on the block.” And then I’m out there all — it got very competitive. 11, 2018, White shocked and thrilled chef Cha Gwen Sol, who runs the Santa Burger restaurant just a few miles from Phoenix Snow Park where the athlete was competing in the 2018 Winter Games.

The South Korean restaurateur is a big fan of White and even named a burger after him called the “Flying Tomato,” so you can imagine his excitement when the snowboarder walked in and ordered it. My wish for your gold medal,” the menu description read.

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