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Shemar Moore has starred in several movies including Butter, The Brothers, Motives, The Bounce Back and Hav Plenty. Also Read: Amal Clooney Pregnant, Twins, and Relationship With George Clooney Talking about his personal life, the award-winning actor lives a very simple life.In 2014, he provided the voice for Cyborg, a character in the Justice League animated series. He enjoys travelling, hanging out with friends and family and of course, how can you think of a model without thinking about the gym?His remarks and dating history are clear about his sexual orientation.Shemar Moore has been outstanding throughout his career.

Their marriage flourished for about six years and the duo abandoned the union on July 15, 1996. After the divorce, Shemar Moore has been involved in other relationships with other celebrities including Bobbie Philips, Toni Braxton, Kimberly Elise, Gabrielle Richens, Ashley Scott, Halle Berry and Lauriane Gilleron.

He relocated to Los Angeles where he began his acting career in 1998.

He started appearing on television series The Young and The Restless and starred as Malcolm Winters from 1998 to 2005.

He joined Gunn High School where he was energetic and participated in many sports including football and baseball.

Because of his good baseball skills, he attended joined Sancta Clara University with a limited athletic scholarship.

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