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As a shy guy myself, the tips below are a list of tips I created for shy guys who are thinking about joining a dating site or just need help in general. PEW Research Center found 15% of American’s have used online dating.

The first tip is to get off the fence and join a dating site. e Harmony found 47.6% of online daters are are women. This is no time to dip your toes to “see what’s out there.” This leads to my next point…

Even if you’re not confident fake it until you make it. If you put up a solid dating profile and she isn’t interested, at least you know you did your best. And don’t be afraid to email women you’re interested in. There ARE women out there who are looking to meet you. If you want some email tips, check out my blog post Critical Online Dating Email Tips for Men According To Zoosk.

I’m not saying you have to change your personality but you have to be willing to take a chance when it comes to putting up a dating profile and reaching out to women. So if you can exude confidence you’re on the right track. Wayne Gretzky said it best: That beautiful woman on the other end of the screen MIGHT respond. Everything you present (photos, self-summary, headline, messages) all show your “energy”.

For your photos: If you go into online dating with an “aww shucks” or “I figured I’d give this a try attitude” you’re going to fail. Every woman you send a message to isn’t going to respond back; deal with it. Women can read a profile’s energy and quickly know if you’re full of it or not.

I assure you Nic doesn’t get many dates because of this section of his profile.

Nic expects women to do the work and contact him first. So take the time to put up a rock solid dating profile.

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