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It also has some negative consequences, one of which is making you try too hard to be liked. Ever heard the saying, “When you allow someone to make you angry, you give them your power? If your partner doesn’t reply to your text (yet again) and you lose your marbles, you’re basically telling them much more than that their behavior is upsetting you.You’re telling them they can push your buttons pretty easily. Your partner upset you so the rest of your day goes to hell.If your “love strategy” hasn’t been successful lately, then it’s time to stop feeling bad about yourself and your love life and start creating the feelings in a man that will lay the foundation for the relationship you really want.Do you know what tugs at a man’s heart EMOTIONALLY, and creates the emotional attraction that’s much deeper and stronger than just physical attraction?Integrity and trust are important to her, and she lets him know that.Irresistible Attitude #3: “I wouldn’t keep a man from doing the healthy, personal things he enjoys, or let my own fears or limitations stand in his way.” She knows that her man is an adult who has the right and freedom to make his own choices — and the more she tries to restrict him, the less he’s going to feel open, free and empowered when he’s with her.That’s because there’s a secret about men that a lot of women don’t get: If a man isn’t feeling that gut-level attraction for you, any attempts to convince him to like you and feel things for you will only backfire.On the other hand, the women who men find irresistible have certain “attitudes” that draw a man’s attention and interest easily with little or no effort.

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Do you know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to making a man feel an intense level of attraction for you?

Think about the last time you dated a great guy who got distant all of a sudden.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t speak up when they upset you, it just means that flying off the handle is a sign that you’ve lost your control. You’re upset with other people, transferring that black cloud in your relationships to the rest of your life.

If this happens all too regularly, it’s a bad sign that you’re giving the person you’re dating so much power over your sense of peace, happiness, and life in general. It’s not cool to be available to the person you’re dating all the time.

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  1. David De Angelo, a former real estate broker turned pickup artist and dating guru, creates a solid foundation for men who are new to the study of attraction by providing a background on the subject based in gender studies, evolutionary biology, and psychology.