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Back in New York, she invited some compatriots to the Soho House for a first feedback screening: leaders from the Ford Foundation and Equality Now, along with Leymah Gbowee, the Liberian Nobel Peace Prize winner.They watched the series’ wrenching premiere about rape as a tool of war in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Steinem speaking to the camera about the challenges facing women, but the bulk of the reporting is handled by young international correspondents, chosen by Vice, who straddle the line between journalist and activist, as Ms. They shot in eight countries; an episode in Pakistan, directed by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, this year’s Oscar winner for documentary short, is still in progress. Steinem did not travel with them, but her expertise paved the way.“There’s nothing better than empathy,” she said a few days later, at Vice’s offices.It was her first visit to its new headquarters, a sprawling refurbished warehouse, with a coffee bar on the ground floor and solar power on the terrace, and she turned a few heads.(Even its nerdiest cable show is called “Balls Deep.”) And as the brand’s poster boy, Mr.

Steinem was at Vice to watch footage of her interview with Mr. She turned away when her face appeared on screen — even after a lifetime, she doesn’t like watching herself. “I had chosen to be two things in my life, a dancer and a writer,” she said, “because I didn’t want to talk. The fact that no editor would print what I wanted to write, forced me into talking.”She can still rile, as she learned after some comments she made about Bernie Sanders’s and Hillary Clinton’s popularity with young women were, she said, misconstrued.

“The challenge is to know, and not despair, and figure out how to make it better a little bit at a time.”For Ms.

Steinem, hatching ideas about grass-roots networking — how to introduce one rebel group to another, say — is as elemental as breathing.

After the screening, the audience swapped resources. Steinem wanted more footage online of women sharing their survival stories.

“We have to figure out how strong they are, and how to leave hope,” she said.

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Beginning on Tuesday, it will run on the new cable channel Viceland, exploring in eight weekly episodes human rights and violence against women around the world, from child marriage in Zambia to sexual attacks in the United States military. Steinem was adamant that it would present a complex portrait of its subjects, as survivors and advocates, and offer viewers a way to become involved. The two met at a Google conference in 2014, where she talked about the global upsurge in violence against women “and the fact that it was now extreme enough so that there are fewer females on earth than males,” she recalled. “I was blown away” by her storytelling and the wealth of her experience.

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