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Continuing my experimentation with Skype 3.0, I have to say that the persistent group chats are an intriguing aspect of the product.

Back when the 3.0 beta was announced last fall, I joined the "Skype English Blog Chat" and the interesting fact is... Because I haven't pressed "Leave", I will stay in this group chat indefinitely (or until a Host kicks me out, as Jaanus has indicated he is now doing to inactive members).

It's been interesting because I've learned a good bit about Skype simply by reading the Q&A that go by.

FYI, if you have Skype 3.0, you can join the chat still.

(And yes, using a group chat for technical support is hardly unique or new...

The shared information must be public and for everyone, not secret and just for a few people.

If they want to chat privately, they can find another forum, but definitely not mine. I actually found another post of yours at: which answered the question and was pointing to in the same folder. People like you are what make open source and Kunena extremely pleasant!

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