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One of the few advantages i Tunes (and Winamp and Windows Media Player) has over Spotify, Rdio and other streaming services is support for smart playlists.Thanks to the wealth of metadata stored by Apple's digital content behemoth, you can juggle your tracks around in all kinds of ways.Granted, some of this may be overkill (especially in terms of time), but desperate times call for desperate(ish) measures. Synced the i Phone with i Tunes and selected "no" when asked if I wanted to copy new stuff from the phone to i Tunes (so, don't do this if you have apps or videos or whatever on your phone that you haven't synced over to i Tunes). Quit i Tunes, emptied the trash, rebooted, and put it in sleep mode for six hours.7. Maybe when I migrated it over from the old Mac a couple of years ago, maybe something when it did all the weird Genius data updates a while back, maybe creating playlists on both the phone and in i Tunes. Hopefully, this will stick and things won't go wonky. Here's what I did and everything is working like a champ a week later. (Not the actual files on the hard drive - just selected all music in i Tunes and deleted that.)3. Shut down the music app on the i Phone, rebooted it, and shut it down for six hours.8. Had i Tunes re-import all the music on the hard drive and, when that was done, updated Genius results.9. Copyright owners, links contained within this site lead to content located elsewhere on the web.Please direct all copyright infringement issues to the companies that host these iptv Astra IPTV Playlist Firestick iptv iptv for vlc iptv Kodi iptv m3u8 IPTV M3U Playlist IPTV Playlist IPTV Playlist links iptv simple tv IPTV Stalker IPTV Videos Kodi Kodi Tips Kodi Tutorial Kosovo m3u8 Playlist rtmp rtsp Smart IPTV udp Playlist XBMC Zeus Add-On Attention: No videos are hosted on this website.

So, I'll try three and, if that doesn't work, just move the tracks over to a flash drive and copy it back when I want it. Every once in a while (like maybe once a month), I'd get a song that would just go quiet on the i Phone: still playing, volume at full, but no sound. Forgot this step (sorry): Unchecked all the songs in i Tunes I did not want.

That is, it's syncing some (but only some) songs that are not marked as "music" and are not checked songs in the library.

It appears to be limited to: one album, a handful of other random songs, and one track from an audiobook that I can't seem to get rid of, even with deleting it from i Tunes.

Recreated smart playlists on Mac (with different names, for the third time).

Including the random one which just has 2 rules: kind is music, unplayed is not within the last 7 days.

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