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They don’t pay you, even if you had an accident at work and you’re sick or injured because of it.

I remember I had to work having a terrible flu because I couldn’t afford stay at home.

About the police, I don’t see them, they don’t patrol the street.

They come up when something happens, but they’re not watching that nothing happen really.

And, to be honest, after all this time I don’t know where I prefer to live. And it’s not only about find a job, it’s when you get one what conditions you’re going to have: low salary, a lot of extra unpaid hours, asshole managers….

And the fights in the street are something normal every single weekend…. If you paid for something and you don’t receive it you have to go to consumo and they’ll fix it.

I’d like to give my point of view as a Spanish expat in UK.

The problem comes when you move to another country without enough information about the place.

But I, as many other people, had to do it because we have to pay our rent.

Crime: – Spain: It’s true, the crime in Spain increased lately because of the crisis. – UK: One thing that surprised me about UK it’s that the windows of houses don’t have grilles; the doors are made with wood and glass, easy to kick and open. Actually, there were 3 burglaries in my building in a year.

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When I came to UK I spent months searching information about the country and its people. And I think a lot of British don’t do that when they move out to Spain.

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