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The company was efficient and quick with responses to questions prior to our arrival.Our guide Alexander and our driver Vlad were top notch.5 stars to them!I'm pretty sure that all of the Aussie telcos use voicemail notification by SMS only, so the voicemail indicator isn't going to work here. At first I thought my phone was slowly dying, then I lost patience and had to stop myself a couple of times from driving the stylus through the screen. I found the interface laggy as well as just confusing.Well....after 9 days using this app I just couldn't stand the lag any longer. The carousel thingy was giving me the s***s as well. Anyhow I'm now back to the standard Telstra screen, and after 9 days of extensive lag the hd feels and operates like greased lightning. I understand the swiping gestures but I much prefer my original Win Mo 6.5 my TD2 came shipped with Telstra's 6.5 which is more responsive and better then SPB.We modified the standard 2 day tour to suit us and we were very pleased with how they tried to accomodate us. Our guide Beatrice had excellent English, however no one had ear pieces in our group, and she was a soft speaker and we missed 90% of what she said while at the sites.

If I manually force it to update, it can open the network connection and update OK. SPB is not a ROM, it is only a shell (application) which sits over the top of your original ROM. All I can say is if you like the last version you will love this. Made the phone slow and unresponsive when combined with the Energy ROM. I installed on my TP2 and immediatley took it off .The Vasa museum was great, as we left our guide and watched the movie and toured the site ourselves, as well, we gave up trying to hear what she was saying.We left late again from this site, as the same group late at the beginning of the tour, were late again.

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