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The person credited with formally developing the town is Moses Langley Wicks, who in 1884bought property from the railroad for .50 per acre, mapped out a town with streets and lots, and by September was advertising 160-acre tracts of land for an acre.

On May 1, 1914, the Llano del Rio Colony, a socialist utopian community, was established north of Los Angeles in the southeast Antelope Valley.Despite numerous internal hurdles and external criticism, the colony for more than two decades made its mark as a social experiment.It had one of the country’s first Montessori schools; it was renowned for the production and sale of high-quality food and other items; it was where the national socialist paper moved its headquarters; it hosted a fertile intellectual and cultural climate, replete with orchestras and theater groups; it set up satellite colonies in Gila, New Mexico, and Fremont, Texas; and its innovative social services-including low-cost housing, Social Security, minimum-wage pay, and universal health care-were decades ahead of their time.In the early 1890s the town’s core population began with a group of settlers who planted almond and pear trees, started a blacksmith shop as the first business, and called the community first Alpine Springs Colony and then Tierra Bonita before changing its name to Littlerock in 1893-the same year that the first post office opened.Development milestones continued into the early twentieth century with the 1913 opening of the first schoolhouse and the 1914 founding of the first library.

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