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The format of speed networking is something that you should have in mind before you walk in the room.This will give you the ability to make the most out of your time there, and make quality connections.Some have gone so far as to make this the main kind of networking event they attend, since they can meet more people in a short amount of time.Whatever you preferences are, there’s no doubt that speed networking events can be a fantastic way to grow your network and bring you new opportunities.Also, don’t forget to bring a stack of business cards and preferably a folder or one-pager that clearly describes your company and what you offerings are.Before the speed networking event begins, set clear and concise goals and objectives to use as a guidance during the different meetings.Our last event had so many women that this event we will be giving free shots of Hennessy to the first 20 Men to arrive...

An update on activity of all committees will be given as well.There is very little time for small talk in contrast to other networking sessions.Prepare yourself by setting goals and outcomes that allow you to deliver the message that you want to communicate.To create a new contact in a specific local market could be an objective, but the overall goal should be more specific than that.A great way to set this up is by working backwards from what you need.

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The Paint and Sip Spouse Event is included with the spouse registration. Speed Dating is a rapid series of short and concise business-to-business meetings between mason contractors and manufacturer/suppliers to openly discuss business needs as well as the latest product and equipment innovations advancing the masonry industry.

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