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Now when I preview the report, I get the following result The report now displays only the top 2 categories but then the changes that I had done to the parameter is gone and All Periods is back to haunt me.There are 2 methods to solve this issue – Make sure that wherever the particular parameter (whose dataset query you would not like to be auto updated) is referenced in a query, the default value is specified using the fully qualified name or the unique name rather than selecting the dimension, hierarchy and name.

Here is a common example: You have a parameter "Period" give you a choice of "Today, Last Month, Last Quarter, Last Year" options, a very typical business reporting need, and then you have secondary dependent parameters "Start Date" and "End Date" to automatically populate given what the user chooses in the first parameter "Period".

An example is shown in the image below Please note that you might have to delete the old parameter from the Query Parameters window and then create a new one else you would not be able to leave the Dimension, Hierarchy columns empty as shown above.

I owe this solution to a blog that I read from Teo Lachev (MVP).

Now when I expand the parameter list, I can see that there is an option for All Periods which I would not like to display.

So I go back and change the query to remove the all period option.

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