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However, there are certain things to look for when you are considering buying an antique Stanley tool: The Stanley Company manufactured hundreds of different hand tools, many of them used for woodworking.

One exquisite example of metal detailing include this Stanley #45 combination plane.

Some tools carried include a mint condition level sight and several varieties of planes.

While some antique Stanley tools are valuable, the vast majority of them are not.

I have so many planes now and use different ones throughout the day.

I tend to keep the older and more worn ones I have bought near by because I feel an affinity with something that has so obviously been well used, cared for and feels the same as my own ones.

Antique Stanley planes include: One of the more in demand antique tools by Stanley is the Bedrock plane. They are often worth twice what a standard Stanley plane would cost from the same era, if all other factors such as condition are equal.

They are conservative in their condition estimates and list new items frequently.

Antique Stanley woodworking tools are available, affordable and useful.

Combined with their exquisite detail and durability, they are tools worth having.

While it can be difficult to determine the difference between an antique and a newer or even knock-off Stanley tool, there are some things to look for, including: To determine the condition of a tool, most collectors refer to the The Fine Tool Journal Classification System.

This system lists criteria that must be met for a tool to be classified into one of the following categories: A copy of the classification system is provided by Tool Timer in the article A Beginners Guide to Collecting Antique Tools.

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