Stop applications from auto updating sim dating with mily

), then select the network name to which your laptop, tablet or PC is connected (sadly, you can’t do this for wired Ethernet connections).

Click Properties when it appears beneath your network name and you’ll see the option for Metered connection, and below it the switch to turn it on.

This is a common setting on phones - although it's usually called "Download on Wi-Fi only" - where you wouldn’t want app updates eating up all your data allowance. To do this, open the Windows 10 Settings (the cog icon on the Start menu) and click Network & Internet.

Steam by default updates your games when it detects an internet connection.In the Settings app choose Update & security, then scroll down and click ‘Change active hours’.Between the hours you choose, Windows won’t automatically restart.Microsoft considers Windows more of a service than a piece of traditional software, and you can't put off updates forever, and nor should you.Plenty contain important security patches and bug fixes..

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