Stories dating sociopath

They may be seeing several other women (or men) for sex, or secretly using an escort service.

Or gambling away their paycheck, then saying they were robbed.

Somehow it was traced back to the neighbor and she gave the excuse that she was under stress because she had a disabled adult child. Any Occupation They can be criminals, con artists, drug dealers, human traffickers, or serial rapists. He would ask them to help him carry his books back to his car, then when they leaned into the car to put the books in the back seat, he would shove them inside.

Then, he told her he wanted to have a child with her, and they did.

Then, when the child was 2, he killed the child as his punishment for her affair and for wanting independence from his control.

In my posts and my books, I want to warn you about dangerous personalities, let you know how to identify them quickly, and share what to do if you have to deal with them.

Masters of Deception People with antisocial personalities can be highly effective at getting you to overlook the warning signs you see or sense.

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Have you ever wondered if someone purposefully wants to take advantage of you, maybe someone you don’t even know or just recently met?

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