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The reputation of one person is given according to its status in the society.

The higher the position in the society, the higher the reputation he or she can get from lower class below them.

If a person properly used his or her time to have good or excellent education, he or she may get better job opportunity that will rapidly increase his or her way of living or his or her social class.

Through social mobility, we may also adapt new lifestyles, we can have new friends, and we may also leave from former place of residents.

Through this social stratification, men all over the society scatter discrimination and unfairness so that man will exert great effort in competing with others to move forward to the higher standard of living.

They will exert effort to be known or to be popular to the public and to have a better life to get over to other.

In the Philippines, there are three social classes that can be seen in the community: (1) the upper class has high personal income, inherited wealth and economic influence; (2) the middle class are the small businessmen, teachers, merchants, traders with modest income; and (3) lower class has earning low incomes with a little or no savings; some are unemployed.

As we can notice the criteria that determine a person’s social position are the color of skin, beauty, money and how influence they are in the community.

Social mobility is the movement of one individual or a group from one social class into another or the process of changing one’s social class or status.

As one of the result of these discrimination is the formation of a number of levels within society.

This number of levels within society are can be identified by the social classes or a group of people who share a similar position or status.

And lastly is the Education in which almost a lot of Filipinos think that this is the key to improve their lives which is right.

Education is one of the most important factors that affect social mobility of a person in a society.

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