Strict asian parents dating

Cue the insane guilt trips, the "you're a disappointment", and "because of you I'm going to die early", etc.

Eventually I just gave into an empty promise that I would stop taking it just so that they would be satisfied.

Aside from being raised in a very strict and religious household, I've also been graced with the opportunity to live abroad which has changed my outlook on a lot of things.

Unfortunately, I've grown apart from my parents/ traditional outlook and have come to resent my childhood experiences and don't wish to emulate them when I have kids of my own.

Anyway, i never brought any of them home since I wasn't sure about any of them.I eventually just jumped ship all the way and 'betrayed' them.I think even my other relatives on my dad's side understood and never really 'shamed' me about 'betraying' my parents. In a way, I guess they understood that my parents are friggin nuts.I appreciate where I come from and strive to learn more and more about my culture every day.I am only saying that from personal experience, an upbringing that has taught me to repress myself has only resulted in me being secretive, rebellious, and undeniably confused.

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