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We command attention and when other sets of eyes are on us, that means potential competition for the weak men who secretly hate themselves. Strong women have no qualms about stating our wants and needs, and stating them clearly.We don’t have the time to beat around the bush, so we get right to it.

Our strength inspires others, and it pulls in those who are also strong and self-aware.There is no competition here—only strength— The truth is, a strong man will not feel the need to step over, or step on a woman to strengthen himself because he is empowered by an equal partner, not threatened.He will not need to prove himself by showing he is better, more worthy, stronger, or more dominant.There are two negative perceptions of strong women. So for the sake of understanding who a ‘strong woman’ is, we will say she is a woman who is outspoken and charismatic, a woman who doesn’t allow herself to be stepped on or walked over by the people around her.First, that there is a select group of them—that not every woman, just from being born, just from opening her mouth, just by being here on this earth, is strong. The second negative perception of strong women is that they are intimidating, unlovable, ‘too much’ for their male counterparts, or unable to be handled or loved because of their fierce independence. Strong women are not too self-reliant to need anyone by their side.

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