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It is a lot more fun I think)) It has been three years since I signed in sugardaddymeet.

Other adult sites where you communicate is often in a text like format which is usually small & difficult to communicate. On sites like girls are ready to jump on you and fight for you, because they desperately want to find an American boyfriend, no matter rich or poor.Even if they have pictures of sugar daddy it's fake no contact numbers and when you try to email them it doesn't work. Every time i contacted these ignorant people to fix the issue, they claimed my account is still active. To be honest, I am not a newbie sugar dad, I tried a lot of similar sugar dating sites, but this is the most memorable. Do not use this site or pay money to them the scammers are operating the the site. Yeah, ok, im just sitting here ,bored out of my mind, pretending things.... Sugar Daddy Meet ranks first on many sugar dating review sites, such as Best Sugar Dating I 've met a scammer in reality before I started to find a sugar daddy online. But this never happen again on sugardaddymeet, I love it. Hard to believe that I so quickly found the love of my life.Time will tell how far into the future it will take us.

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After reporting to administration 4 times the same man who just wouldnt leave me alone over a period of 3 months they simply just told me to block him and he can do whatever he likes as he has paid diamond membership. If a man on this site pays for the premium service , they are aloud to harass you as much as they want , break the rules and regulations and guidelines that the company makes us, sugar babies agree upon before even starting an account.

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