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Case information is updated once an hour throughout the business day.Click on the link below to search this system for an opinion or other information in a specific case.Opinions are released by the end of the September-June session.On the day of release, they are available at approximately a.m. Opinions released since September 1995 are available on this site.Our subscribers are individual lawyers, firms of all sizes, law schools, administrative agencies, the Louisiana House and Senate, individual judges, and entire courts, including all of the Louisiana courts of appeal.

Chief Justice Rutledge is included because he took his oaths, presided over the August Term of 1795, and his name appears on two opinions of the Court for that Term. ”) is here used as the date of the beginning of his/her service, for until that oath is taken he/she is not vested with the prerogatives of the office.

All subscriptions include access to LSCR’s website and research database.

The website provides links to the full Louisiana Supreme Court opinions and includes a searchable archive of LSCR issues dating back to September 2001.

Our case summaries cut to the most important aspects of each opinion while providing enough detail to be interesting and understandable.

A subscription keeps you abreast of the most recent decisions that affect your practice and allows you to maintain your general knowledge of a variety of legal topics without having to pore through hundreds of pages of opinions.

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