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I am trying to commit a change in subversion to a file.This file belongs to a directory that is linked to my project via an external, and is pegged at a certain revision.I thought that committing onto a file that is pegged should be possible and essentially branches off this code?Copy all files in your project to a temporary backup folder. Diff changed files with the backup folder, copy your changed files into the original project folder. Just had this same issue on two projects and that method worked.To fix the problem, I navigated to .svn\text-base dir of problem file's directory and found out that there's a copy of the file i was trying to check in changes for.I opened that file in Notepad and replaced it's content with content of the file to be commited and i was able to commit afterwards.

This should be okay if you're checking in a new version anyway.I solved the issue as the following First, backup the folder where the problem is 2ns, Delete the original folder and commit it. Copy TTTT/content to your normal source directory (override the existing content).3rd, copy folder from backup folder 4th, I could commit this folder without the issue This may not be the good solution, since, I delete the folder and commit, So that I think I can not revert it after I fixed this issue if I want to. Checkout the last copy from your repository into some directory (f.e. You are done - the original directory may be committed.: Subversion 1.7 implements a new working copy approach which centralises the meta data, and it now has a single directory at the root of your working copy.Your best bet is a cleanup, failing that a fresh checkout into another directory and export or file copy the corrupted working copy except for the directory, over to the fresh checkout, and commit any local changes. First, check-in everything that can safely be checked in, and make sure to backup everything.

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