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star Andrew Scott kept quiet for a long time on the subject of his sexuality, but shockingly, he came out publically as gay in 2013 and also revealed the secret about having a partner with the media.The Irish film actor has achieved widespread recognition by playing a dramatic role of in 2006.

Chloe’s abusive ex-husband has been in prison for years, but when she hears that he is being released on probation, she takes their teenage daughter Olivia and flees to the only place she can think of, her small hometown.All content, except otherwise noted, is copyrighted to their original owners and no infringement is intended and no rights implied.Content contained within are subject to fair use and used here either in whole or in part as a commentary on the work and career of Tamara Braun.Strand has a peculiar relationship with Thomas Abigal, and the duo even kissed in the series when he was leaving Thomas and heading to Los Angeles.They had a pretty close call on a gay act, but their orientation was not specified on the show.

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