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He is one of four tennis athletes to win all four Grand Slam tournaments and has won eight Grand Slam titles.He was one of those tennis players who exited his career with a bang and his matches (especially with Sampras) where some of the most historic and emotional matches of all time.Rod Laver, an 11-time Grand Slam winner was one of the most popular players in the 1960s.Laver is the only tennis star to get the gold in the French Open, Australian Open, US Open and the Wimbledonall in one year in both 19.She has won 23 Grand Slams and 11 Australian Open titles.She went down in history as the first woman in the open era to win the calendar-year slam.

Graf has won 107 single titles and an astounding 22 Grand Slams.

First on the list is Roger Federer, 16-time Grand Slam winner and a six-time ATP World Tour Finals winner.

Federer has won six Wimbledon, one French Open, five US Open and four Australian Open titles.

Tennis may not be as big a sport as the many other professional leagues that revolve around team competition such as football, basketball, baseball, or hockey but there is no doubt that tennis is one of the bet sports out there.

A big part of the reason for this is that there seems to be a perception that tennis is not as accessible to the casual fan as the many other leagues because it requires a specialized level of skill that only appeals to fans that have already played tennis in one form or another.

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