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LADY Gaga might have another album’s worth of heartbreak to write about now it’s emerged that her ex-fiancé Taylor Kinney is dating hospital worker Alanna Di Giovanni.This bombshell comes just two days after Gaga said that she still loves the Chicago Fire actor whom she split with after five years in July, and that she wouldn’t “f***ing throw a party” if he started dating again.It is due to this massive display of talent that Taylor was spotted and consequently became a cast member in the popular television series Chicago Fires and Trauma.In the same year, Taylor also had a big shot in the warfare play, Zero Dark Thirty. The dad worked in a financial institution while the mother was a dentist. Most people have come to know Taylor Kinney because of the role he plays as Lockwood Mason in the Vampire Diaries.Taylor’s skills in acting are products of years of hard work and commitment.Besides the Vampire Diaries, Taylor has been involved in thrillers such as Chicago Fires, Zero Dark Thirty and Another woman.

Taylor would then star the Lady Gaga music movie dubbed, You and I in 2013.He has also played the character of Craig in the show Shameless. He has a massive tattoo under his arm and on his back. of July 1981, Taylor Kinney is currently 37 years old. It is rumored that all these tattoos were dedicated to Lady Gaga. According to her Linked In profile Alanna is “Proficient in general diagnostic, fluoroscopic and surgical radiologic procedures”, and the causes she cares about are “children, education, environment and health.” It looks like Gaga’s Little Monster are already hot on Alanna’s heels as she has now removed many forms of social media including her Twitter, Facebook and Pintrest.Fans were devastated when Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney broke up in July 2016. This is the third time I’ve had my heart broken like this."The singer is referring to her upcoming role in Bradley Cooper's , and it's awful to hear that her burgeoning career might have been partially responsible for the break-up.

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