Taylor lautner sara hicks still dating

Neither Swift nor Lautner ever confirmed the nature of their relationship.

Life & Style Magazine is now reporting that Taylor...

There have been alot of rumors going on that they're dating again that's not true. I read somewhere that, to her, she felt he was suffocating her with attention.DON' T MISS Listen Up, Ladies: Taylor Lautner Wants a Loyal, Honest, Fun Gal Taylor Lautner Pictures and Bio Taylor Lautner Is Getting Really Sick of Working Out Taylor Lautner has been spotted again with his ex-girlfriend Sara Hicks. Hicks You can also sign up for a free email alert (Email Me Sara Hicks Pictures). Read Full Story Sara Hicks is Taylor Lautner's ex-girlfriend.Unlike Taylor's last love, singer Taylor Swift, Sara Hicks isn't a celebrity. However, rumor has it that the Twilight actor may once again be dating Ms. The two dated in high school, before Lautner became a worldwide celebrity.The 17-year-old actor (in Cre8tive Recreation Italian Porellos) footed the bill as he was seen tucking some cash back into his wallet as he left the restaurant.Taylor Lautner plays a sexy bare-chested werewolf in the Twilight movie series.

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