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If someone asks you to send them sexual pictures, be very suspicious -- and don't do it. Shehan says that teens who send out one sexual picture can sometimes be blackmailed to send more, when the sexual predator threatens to post the first picture online for millions to see -- or show it to your family or friends. While most Internet activity is legal, occasionally you might come across something that just seems wrong, creepy or even scares you.The first thing to do is tell your parents -- just like you’d do if a creep talked dirty to you at the movies.When you open your email one day, you might have 150 spam emails in your inbox as a result.If a web site is asking for too much information about you, take control and leave the site.

Not only are there viruses, hackers and spammers -- online predators and a bunch of evildoers are out there just waiting to pounce on teens in the digital world.

Watch what you write -- because someone else is watching what you write!

The FBI gives an all-out blanket warning: “Never meet anyone in person that you meet online.” That said, many teens do make good friends online.

Your parents can support you and help you make the right decisions about what to do next.

If you decide to report the suspicious activity or person, there are two web sites you can go to: Admittedly, the Internet is completely awesome.

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