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There are many must do’s when trying to get the runner out as quickly as possible with the least amount of throws Being in position to make a tag on a runner is a basic concept that often times doesn’t get executed.

The idea is to make the tag as quick as possible so you can have a better chance to get an out, and having your body in a good position to counteract a hit and run.

David Letterman chronicled many of these in his "Top Ten Baseball Euphemisms for Sex" — a recurring theme on the Top Ten Lists featured on the late-night talk shows he hosted before his retirement.

There are conflicting perspectives on the use of the baseball metaphor as a part of sex education.

Many times the difference between an out and safe call is milliseconds.

This article discusses the following: What is a double cut relay?

Also, a few strategies to be in the best position to make plays and to use the field to your advantage.

With just a little bit of preparation, you can give yourself an advantage during the game. We want PBI to be the go-to resource for serous baseball players, so I invite you to leave feedback suggestions or questions in the comments section below. He has Major League time at every infield position, and has played every position on the field professionally except for catcher. After 16 years of playing professionally, he is now a professional scout with the Colorado Rockies.

So you two have decided to go out on the third date. This shows clearly that he absolutely loves you being with him, and is highly fascinated by you.

A similar example can be found in Billy Joel's song "Zanzibar" in which he compares himself to Pete Rose and sings the lines "Me, I'm trying just to get to second base and I'd steal it if she only gave the sign.

She's gonna give the go ahead, the inning isn't over yet for me." Trace Adkins's 2006 song "Swing" is based on the same concept.

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In their book A Chicken's Guide to Talking Turkey With Your Kids About Sex, they use a baseball metaphor to aid parents in the discussion of puberty with their children, dividing the topics into "first base" ("Changes from the neck up"), "second base" ("Changes from the neck to the waist"), "third base" ("Changes from the waist down"), and "home plate" ("The Big 'It'").

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